Bruce Senters was born and raised in the Greater Cincinnati area and lived in Northern Kentucky for several years.  When he met his wife, and after having a son, his family moved to Anderson Township, and they love the area.  Bruce is a father, husband and a passionate Realtor.  He spent most of his professional career in financial legal services and changed his professional path to Real Estate so he could positively impact the lives of those that he comes into contact.  He is driven, passionate, empathetic to client’s special circumstances and is extremely protective to those that come under his care.  In between assisting clients with their homes, Bruce enjoys golfing, brewing, grilling and hikes with his family.


As a Realtor, Bruce will advocate for you.  He understands that a real estate transaction can be an extremely stressful time, and Bruce can make that experience seamless, whether you are selling or buying.  He will work tirelessly to get you the fairest value in any purchase or sale.  Bruce chose Pivot Realty Group because they are different than any other real estate company in the area.  Pivot’s motto is “we Can because we Care”, and Bruce would love the opportunity to show you that he Can because he truly cares.